GE Appliances Recognizes Its Top Suppliers at Presidents’ Council Summit

More than 250 attendees from 86 key suppliers joined GE Appliances for its annual Presidents’ Council Summit on April 12, 2018, at The Marriott Downtown Hotel in Louisville, KY. The event served as a forum for GE Appliances to share business objectives and recognize its top-performing suppliers during an award ceremony.

“One of our guiding principles at GE Appliances is ‘Partnerships matter, we do better together,’ said Melanie Cook, chief operating officer, GE Appliances. “Our annual Presidents’ Council is an important venue to align, collaborate and strengthen our important partnerships with our suppliers.”

At the end of the of the day-long event, GE Appliances presented awards to 27 suppliers across nine categories for their contributions in 2017.

The Productivity Award recognizes suppliers who have delivered above and beyond cost-out solutions year over year, enabling GE Appliances to remain competitive.

Winner: Procure Analytics, LLC.