The Indirect GPO for Consulting Firms

For consultancies, Procure Analytics is more than complementary to your process – we can be an integral component of your client solutions.

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We Help You Maximize Your Client Sourcing & Procurement Solutions

We Help You Maximize Your Client Sourcing & Procurement Solutions

Our leveraged-spend programs enhance your client value proposition by delivering speed-to-savings and freeing your people to address complex, strategic workstreams.

We enable you to increase your sourcing scope without incremental cost, enhancing deal financials AND client ROI.

Clients benefit from robust spend management that ensures realized and reportable savings, onsite implementation, and on-going cost and efficiency improvements well beyond the value of a one-time sourcing event. We never stop

From start to finish, PA delivers hard dollar savings in as little as 4-6 weeks with no fees.

Discover an All-in-One MRO & Packaging Solution with Procure Analytics

You determine if our solution is a good fit for your client.
Upon approval, we onboard your client and they realize immediate cost savings and member benefits.
Our team documents your client's savings opportunity, and they can choose to participate in our program.
We get to work consolidating and rationalizing spend, facilitating compliance, and introducing functional alternatives - ensuring that we continue to add value.
Our offering is without cost or risk to you and your client - our Members are free to terminate at any time (although they rarely do).
In-house degreed Packaging Engineers and MRO experts implement our solutions, oftentimes on-site, and drive ongoing value for your clients.
Our technology-enabled products include 24/7 customized dashboards and reporting, AI-supported solutions, and a virtual marketplace.
MRO and packaging at a factory

We specialize in MRO & Packaging

Unlike traditional broad-offering GPOs, we are a yard wide and a mile deep in two tough-to-manage categories.

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