Tail Spend…Solved

Amicus Spend Management helps you rein in long tail supplier spend by optimizing your portfolio of preferred vendors while uncovering cost savings.


Amicus Spend Management:
Untangling Long Tail Spend

Amicus Spend Management helps solve issues with defective part in factory.

Don’t let long tail supplier spend consume a disproportionate amount of your time and energy. Amicus Spend Management is your solution for indirect procurement tail spend. Our team of expert sourcing professionals consolidates long tail supplier purchases as a single supplier solution, driving efficiency and compliance. With our team at the helm, you gain the assurance of the best total cost.    

Amicus Spend Management Addresses Common Challenges

Last-Minute Requirements

Blocked/Unresponsive Vendors

Spend Leakage

Price Creep

Costly Vendor Set Up & Maintenance

Obsolete Components

Inconsistent Payment Terms

Invoicing & Payment Issues

The Value of Amicus Spend Management — How It Works

Amicus provides critical support to operations while maximizing compliance to corporate initiatives

Real Businesses. Real Results.
Amicus Spend Management in Action.

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Tail Spend…Solved:
How to Stop Tail Growth with Amicus Spend Management


Unraveling the Complexities of Tail Spend Management:
5 Common Pain Points and How to Solve Them

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Whether you need to source something one-time or help consolidating long tail suppliers, Amicus Spend Management has you covered.’