Expanding With Excellence

We work with strategic partners who are carefully selected to complement our expertise and services. Together, we provide more holistic solutions for our shared customers.

CoreTrust is a channel partner with expertise in IT, office essentials, domestic small parcel shipping, and freight. This collaboration allows us to focus on our core strengths while bringing organizations like yours increased value in new categories.

Domestic Small Parcel

Office Essentials

Freight & Logistics

Information Technology

Materials Handling

HR Services

Valued GPO customer, Core Trust
“CoreTrust appreciates the expertise and value that Procure Analytics brings in MRO and packaging, which complement many of our indirect spend categories. We are excited to partner and offer comprehensive coverage with world-class contracts to benefit members.”
Donna Donato
Chief Product Officer

Our partnership with TransImpact enables us to track, audit, and optimize shipping costs for our members. Together, we help you manage shipping spend and accessorial costs, analyze time in transit to determine the ideal sites for distribution, and drive the best outcome from your parcel contract negotiations.

Track your spend and accessorial costs
TransImpact, valued GPO customer
“TransImpact realized the combination of our Parcel Spend Intelligence platform with Procure Analytics’ expertise in VA/VE and packaging materials will unlock new means of optimizing packaging decisions for customers. We are thrilled to work together to add value for customers.”
JJ Jeffries
Vice President, Channel Strategy
Have Confidence in Your Parcel Spend Visibility

Have Confidence in Your Parcel Spend Visibility