Transform MRO into a Competitive Advantage

Maintenance, Repair, and Operations (MRO) supplies are critical to keeping your locations running efficiently, but with millions of SKUs and thousands of suppliers, managing this category can feel like an unsolvable puzzle.

We Never Stop solving.

MRO spend analysis

Much More Than a Price List

PA’s dynamic price management and fee-free services go to work for you immediately. We Never Stop driving long term value and continuous, documented savings for our Members.

Procure Analytics’ goal is to provide comprehensive support and services in select under-managed categories of the spend cube with world-class pricing and superior customer service. This is achieved through the application of leverage with our suppliers, rigorous data management, an unparalleled commitment to detail, and robust continuous improvement programs tailored to individual Member companies’ requirements.

Bottom line, PA’s mission is to manage the complexity and create Member value in what has generally been an unmanaged segment for our Members.

Discover Procure Analytics' MRO Benefits

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Our $1B+ managed spend enables us to negotiate aggressive discounts and create year-over-year value.

Every new Member brings value for all and dozens of new Members join each month. PA’s scale brings an entire suite of value-creating services and resources.

MRO purchasing program impementation


Our Member-tailored program roll outs address your site-specific needs, bringing our expertise and resources as an extension of your team.

Our high-touch model focuses on constant improvement, drives site-level adoption, steadily reduces total cost of ownership, and personalizes support for your MRO program.

MRO group purchasing program Spend and Savings Analytics


Our analytics provides you with clean, actionable data and reporting for continuous value creation.

Our managers and analysts deep dive into your data to capture insights and identify solutions. PA tools organize and optimize your disjointed MRO spend and create measurable savings.

MRO program ease of execution


PA’s well-vetted on-boarding process makes conversion seamless.

PA’s team does most of the work while you focus on key strategic priorities. Savings, visibility, analytics, and concierge service – and no fees ever!

Our MRO Catalogs Offer Millions of Products

Our Programs Have International Coverage

Procure Analytics' MRO program reaches members at over 15,000 locations.


  • United States
  • Canada
  • Mexico
  • On-going expansion into Europe
  • Coverage in selected China markets

We Serve Members of All Sectors and Industries

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We Are So Much More
Than Your Average GPO

From the moment you join and for the lifetime of membership, we provide expert strategic consulting and long-term value creation. We never stop

We negotiate for each member to ensure cost savings.

Weekly and monthly reporting customized to Member requirements to provide insight of purchasing trends.

Rather than spend time negotiating MRO contracts, we do the heavy lifting for you. We repeatedly negotiate the best pricing on PA Members’ most frequently purchased products, increasing savings through shared and growing leverage.

We help you reduce total cost by examining your MRO spend, identifying the best quality options, and training your local purchasing managers on which products offer the best value.

In addition to our staff of 100+ managers and analysts assigned to support MRO group purchasing program Members, PA coordinates hundreds of vendor resources to address your concerns and opportunities.

We simplify and streamline a fragmented category by identifying opportunity and consolidating spend. You likely purchase with some of our suppliers today, but with multiple locations ordering a complex list of MRO items, odds are you’re buying through more suppliers than you can count or track.

We analyze your historical MRO data and help you move that spend into a consolidated, visible, and accountable procurement process that will drive continuous savings.

Then, we turn focus to eliminating redundancies in purchasing behavior by identifying rationalization opportunities in your most frequently purchased SKUs. Through our standardization methods, we help lower your total cost and make sure the dollar you spend is the best dollar spent.

The PA team is structured to augment the MRO group purchasing program Members’ indirect procurement staff – we work for you and are your force multiplier.

As a group purchasing program member, you can receive additional savings through our annual supplier rebates and more than 20 preferred manufacturer programs, administered by PA.

Easy to use, clear lines between suppliers, reduces complexity for our Members.

What Our MRO Members Say About Procure Analytics