Introduction to Amicus Spend Management

This webinar introduces Amicus Spend Management, designed to help procurement leaders control tail spend, optimize vendor portfolios, and drive efficiency and compliance.

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Watch this on-demand webinar to learn how Procure Analytic's solution Amicus Spend Management can help you reign in tail spend.

Tired of keeping track of long tail supplier spend? We developed Amicus Spend Management for this reason. To help procurement leaders like you optimize your portfolio of preferred vendors to uncover cost savings and drive ongoing value creation by bringing tail spend under control. Watch our webinar to learn about our concierge-sourcing solution and how it can help you drive efficiency and compliance.

  • Last-minute requirements

  • Blocked/unresponsive vendors

  • Spend leakage

  • Price creep

  • Costly vendor set up & maintenance

  • Obsolete components

  • Inconsistent payment terms

  • Invoicing & payment issues

We work as an extension of your team, looking for opportunities to save you money, time, and resources. Whether through our pricing leverage, analyzing your spend, bringing service and support, or performing on-site implementation, count on us to help you attain ongoing value creation.