State of Packaging Procurement in 2024 With AOP

This webinar, featuring Vice President of Packaging and Logistics Matt Reddington and Art of Procurement, offers insights on mastering packaging procurement in 2024 to enhance profitability and sustainability.

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Join Matt Reddington as he discusses the state of packaging procurement with AOP in this insightful webinar.

Did you know that packaging as a spend category can provide you with an opportunity to improve your bottom line? While packaging is not a direct source of profit, it greatly influences profitability by enhancing customer experience, minimizing product damage, and cutting costs associated with shipping and waste.

It also presents an opportunity to exceed your sustainability goals by using fewer materials, reducing the space needed for shipping and storage, and improving recyclability. So, where do you start? Our Vice President of Packaging and Logistics, Matt Reddington, teamed up with Art of Procurement to provide comprehensive insights on mastering packaging procurement in 2024.

  • Increase profitability by cutting down on packaging materials and shipping expenses

  • Enhance sustainability while maintaining high-quality standards

  • Give category managers a significant role in key decisions related to packaging

Get insights into packaging as a spend category in this webinar.

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