AOP Categorypalooza 2023: The Great GPO Misunderstanding

This webinar, in partnership with Art of Procurement, addresses the critical role of GPOs in category management, dispelling common misconceptions and highlighting their importance in strategic procurement planning.

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Join Brian Halpin from Procure Analytics has he provides insights into the critical role of GPOs in category management with AOP.

Organizations aiming for complete category management must consider every strategy as essential. Distinct spending categories necessitate tailored approaches to achieve specific goals, and this includes the use of Group Purchasing Organizations (GPOs). Despite common misconceptions and occasional criticism from procurement professionals, top consultants recognize GPOs as a vital element in any all-encompassing category management plan.

Brian Halpin, serving as Vice President and General Manager at Procure Analytics, covers this topic in this webinar with Art of Procurement.

  • Real-life case studies to demonstrate procurement leaders’ successful use of GPOs

  • How to use GPOs to enhance spend management and quickly achieve savings

Watch the on-demand webinar with Procure Analytics and AOP to learn how GPO can help you better manage category spend.