Helping Companies Buy Better – Why You Should Choose a Service-Driven GPO

This white paper details how service-driven GPOs offer strategic advantages through comprehensive category management solutions, going beyond discounts to create ongoing value.

What’s the difference between a retail GPO and a service-driven one? The answer lies in the value they add for their members. Unlike most GPOs that only offer discounts for a percentage of goods and services they provide, a service-driven one goes beyond that to help you create ongoing value.

Service-driven GPOs work as an extension of your team to deliver a comprehensive category management solution that includes up-front analysis, implementation, and more. To get a complete view of what makes up a service-driven GPO and how to leverage one to gain a strategic advantage, read our comprehensive 8-page white paper to learn more.

  • How the service-driven model drives sustained, ongoing value beyond savings

  • Why the service-driven approach should be part of every procurement leader’s toolkit

  • What to look for when partnering with a service-driven GPO

Get your copy of the service driven GPO to learn how it can benefit your business.

We work as an extension of your team, looking for opportunities to save you money, time, and resources. Whether through our pricing leverage, analyzing your spend, bringing service and support, or performing on-site implementation, count on us to help you attain ongoing value creation.