Tail Spend Management Solved

Tail Spend remains one of Procurement’s most challenging pain points. After all, for most organizations, it makes up just 20% of purchase volume but accounts for 80% or more of suppliers and transactions – while consuming a disproportionate share of critical time and energy.

The result? It’s nearly impossible for organizations to efficiently source and procure hard-to-find or non-recurring items and feel confident that they’re getting competitive pricing and terms.

That’s where Amicus Spend Management comes into play.

About Amicus Spend Management

Amicus is a full-service compliance and tail spend solution for indirect goods – from MRO to IT and all points in between – that allows customers to consolidate purchase transactions while driving compliance and efficiencies.

Why Amicus Spend Management for your organization?

  • MAXIMIZE compliance, savings and incentives
  • SOURCE multiple prices and lead time options where available
  • CONSOLIDATE tail purchases as a single-supplier solution
  • MONITOR orders and manage issues and exceptions
  • STANDARDIZE invoicing and payment terms
  • OPTIMIZE category strategy

All at no additional cost to your organization