Amicus Spend Management is a sourcing and buy desk solution to help source items that stocked or available via preferred suppliers, with Amicus serving as the merchant of record to help customers consolidate tail spend. Our team has over 100 years combined experience in the industrial and manufacturing sector, with many relationships and a deep knowledge of niche suppliers. Their expertise has saved the day on many occasions, and three examples are highlighted below.

A leading producer of branded and private-label snack foods was experiencing a backlog of obsolete automation components, seriously impacting plant productivity. 

The Amicus sourcing team was able to locate multiple options for each of the obsolete components, including both New Old Stock and remanufactured options, allowing the site to make immediate repairs and replenish critical spares.

“I just want to tell you what a great job you did on finding these items. Not bad pricing and great lead times. Nice job.”
Site Maintenance Manager

A multinational producer of consumer packaging informed Amicus on a Thursday afternoon that they had a line down due to two specialty valves that were inoperable.  The manufacturer quoted 5 days lead time on one item and a national backorder on the second, and alternative products were not an option.

Amicus found both items via a niche distributor of surplus stock, and was able to have them expedited for delivery to the facility that weekend, where plant engineering teams were able to install the valves and have the plant operational by Monday morning.

Site buyer expressed that he and the operations team were extremely happy with the service, performance, and price, and have since used Amicus for multiple needs.

A large intermodal services provider alerted us that one of their fleet vans, critical to servicing ports in California, was off the road due to a broken door latch.  Internal safety requirements prevented them from performing any fix other than replacement with a new OEM component.  The OEM reported a national backorder, and no regional dealers had available stock.

Amicus located the latch at an independent truck services shop in North Carolina and arranged next day air shipment.  The van was back on the road in 24 hours. 

Customer routinely utilizes Amicus for unplanned requirements and has verbally expressed strong satisfaction with the level of responsiveness and creativity displayed by the team.