Engineer Your Packaging into a Well-managed, Competitive Advantage

Packaging is critical to safely deliver products.

With hundreds of suppliers and evolving operational needs, driving design and material efficiencies and managing sourcing can consume your valuable time.

We Never Stop optimizing

Packaging Engineering & Purchasing Program

Out of the Box,
Engineer-led Solutions

Our strategic sourcing goes to work for you immediately and our engineers drive long-term value and continuous savings through our Value Analysis/Value Engineering, fee-free services.

Discover Procure Analytics'
Packaging Benefits

Packaging Sourcing Expertise and Analytics


Our dedicated team of packaging experts strategically source the right materials at the best price.

Our detailed reporting gives you high-level spend visibility to track progress, compliance, and savings by location.

MRO purchasing program impementation


Strategic and methodical roll outs are planned with you one-on-one, combining our expertise with your site-level needs.

Routine business reviews focus on continuous improvement, ensuring consistent TCO reduction.

Packaging Engineering


Post-award, our degreed packaging engineers develop custom solutions focused on reducing cost and improving operations.

Our Value Analysis/Value Engineering (VAVE) Program uncovers overlooked savings and provides resources to drive projects from ideation to implementation.

MRO program ease of execution


We do the heavy lifting, from initial value analysis and sourcing events to on-going contract management and engineering at no cost.

We never stop working as an extension of your team, making your job easier and helping you continuously save through our program.

Our Packaging Offerings

We work with the full gamut of national, regional, and local vendors to supply your packaging needs.

We Serve All Sectors and Industries

Member companies of all sizes with complex enterprise needs turn to PA for packaging strategic sourcing.


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We Go Above
and Beyond Strategic Sourcing

From the moment you join and for the lifetime of membership, we provide expert packaging consulting and long-term engineering value.

Our engineers have a well-defined toolbox to address the challenges of your packaging program. Solutions include:

In a company shipping varying sizes of products, it is common that more varieties of packaging supplies are on hand than necessary. Solving which items aren’t used or needed can be a tedious endeavor.

Our Packaging Engineering & Purchasing Program takes on that labor-intensive process and presents you with ways to consolidate, reducing your needed on-hand inventory and overall packaging costs.

Identifying which packaging materials are right for your company can be an exercise in frustration. You may think you’ve found the right board grade or void fill, but what if another type of packaging would better serve your needs?

Without packaging engineers on hand to deliver answers to those “grass is greener” questions, you may be using materials that are ill-equipped or unnecessarily expensive.

Our team has the expertise to identify the right packaging materials for you at each company location.

An ill-fitting box creates more than just empty space.

When packaging materials don’t line up perfectly with the products they are transporting, they create waste through additional labor, shipping, and filler materials cost.

Our engineers can analyze your products to design the right packaging that will optimize your system and reduce total cost of ownership.

Packaging can be a labor-intensive process, riddled with inefficiencies and discrepancies between shifts.

Our engineers can work with your system to improve the pack out process and cube utilization that will reduce your labor and shipping costs.

The Difference a PA Engineer Will Make

With PA, you get an engineer assigned to work with you one-on-one to solve your most challenging packaging issues.

What do we charge you for this expertise and high-touch service?


Unless you’re in the packaging industry, odds are you don’t have a team of Packaging Engineers at the ready to optimize your materials, strategic sourcing, and indirect labor.

Without engineered solutions, your company may be purchasing more packaging than necessary, sourcing inadequate materials, or spending too many labor hours packaging your products. Reducing the total cost of ownership requires engineering

the right items and processes for your company but hiring packaging engineers can add to rather than reduce your total cost of ownership.

As a member of PA’s Packaging Engineering and Purchasing Program, you have access to the leverage, team, and plan that you need to engineer and optimize your packaging systems.


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