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packaging industry q4 forecast 2021

Packaging Industry Update & Q4 Forecast

That unassuming brown box is increasingly worth as much as the items it transports.  Packaging – whether corrugated or plastic – has increased in price at a… Read More

Navigating Global Freight Market

Navigating A Wild West Global Freight Market

It’s a tough time to quickly ship products overseas. Supply shocks that began during the height of COVID-19 outbreaks in 2020 continue to generate a lasting ripple effect in the global supply chain.

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May 2021 Member Newsletter cover

Procure Analytics Member Newsletter – May 2021

Member Update covering new flow control program including supplies and services through partnership with FCX Performance.

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Three Ways to Reduce Costs and Improve Sustainability Cover

3 Ways to Reduce Facility Costs and Improve Sustainability

While some initiatives require large investment with only long-term upside, here are three ways organizations can reduce operational costs and improve sustainability with minimal upfront investment.

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