Voyant Beauty is a leading manufacturer and distributor of makeup and skincare products that was formed in 2019 following the acquisitions of Vee Pak, Aware Products and Cosmetic Essence Innovations. With headquarters outside of Chicago, Illinois, the company has over 4,000 employees and operates 13 manufacturing facilities in the United States, Canada, and Europe, as well as 4 innovation hubs. Despite their rapid growth, Voyant Beauty was facing a challenge with tracking their spend across multiple facilities.

Voyant Beauty had limited visibility into their spend across numerous facilities, which was negatively impacting their ability to optimize their supply chain. The company needed a solution to track their spend and an outlet to view their spend data internally.

To address this challenge, Voyant Beauty onboarded with Procure Analytics (PA) who implemented a scalable Business Intelligence (BI) analytics platform to track spend throughout their facilities.

Voyant Beauty’s partnership with Procure Analytics is a great example of how companies can use data and analytics to improve their procurement processes. By utilizing PA’s scalable BI analytics platform, Voyant Beauty was able to track their spend across multiple facilities and connect to 7 PA programs. The improved visibility into their spend allowed the company to optimize their supply chain and drive savings, which was a crucial step in their journey towards becoming a growing leader in the beauty and personal care industries.