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Partner with experts to source, repair, and maintain “everything on the pipe” equipment and processes through the PA-FCX¬†flow control supplies partnership.

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In-line, Automated and Safety Relief valve setting, testing and repair by factory-certified technicians

Process Calibration, Analytical Calibration, Metrology, Consulting, and Commissioning

State-of-the-Art facilities with factory-trained and authorized technicians

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Valve, Pump, Mobile Machine & Repair Shops, Instrumentation Service & Calibration, Commissioning and Consulting, Steam Trap Surveys, Energy Audits, and Boilers

Lubrication & Fluid Analysis, Thermography, Vibration Analysis, and Motor Circuit Analysis

Device, Edge, and Cloud-based IIOT Technology, Domain expertise to improve reliability, uptime, and performance

Product Applications

FCX products and services through the PA program offer solutions for “Everything on the Pipe.”

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Featured Industries


Precision control for product integrity and consistency

Solutions for Chemical Processing

High alloys; pH, conductivity, and ORP measurement; SIL-rated emergency shutdown (ESD) for SIS systems; Slurry flow; Contact, non-contact, and MLI-Level control; Cryogenic valves; Corrosive materials handling; Reactor and storage tank mixing; Seal-less pumping technology; Severe service valves for corrosive, erosive, high pressure


Complete mill-wide solutions, from pulping to converting

Solutions for Pulp & Paper

Variable frequency drives; Water conservation and heat recovery; High-density cleaners; Steam and condensate for dryer sections; Basis weight control; Separator level control; Low-flow chemical addition; Consistency measurement; Coarse and fine dilution Cs control; Stock washer; more


Combining safety and performance for intensive processes

Solutions for Metal Production

Flow pressure, temp, level, and analytical measurements; Control valves; Integrated systems; Corrosion-resistant lined pipe, pumps, valves, and instrumentation; Descale and abrasive slurry pumps, High flow cooling water pumps; High-alloy valves; Oxygen service valves; Oxygen cleaning; Magmeters; AOD system valves; more


Serving all points of production and transportation

Solutions for Oil & Gas

Disposal water wells; Produced water; LACT unit pumps (charge and sample pot); Separation; Fractionation; Metering units; Tank battery circulation; Hot oil cleaning; Crude gathering; Pipeline transport


Serving fossil-fired, nuclear, and renewable industries

Solutions for Power & Utilities

Feedwater, DA, drum, and condensate level control; FGD Scrubber; Cooling tower basin level and flow control; Damper actuator; Feedwater heater; Draft range and multivariable pressure transmitters; Ash handling; Pulverizer isolation valves; Torque tube replacement; Heat recovery; Combustion analyzers; more


When purity is critical and cleanliness a must

Solutions for Food & Beverage

High purity/aseptic design; Product recovery; CIP Distribution/COP Tanks; Pump BEP modification and engineered upgrades; Mix-proof valves and valve manifold/matrix design; Equipment performance reliability and optimization; Product Recovery/pigging; UHT/HTST/pasteurization/heat transfer; more


Precision solutions for high purity processes

Solutions for Pharma & Biotech

Web-based MTRs; Industrial and sanitary products; Broad industry expertise; Pre-tested skidded systems; Tank CIP / SIP; Bioreactor level measurement; Chromatography; Filtration; Sterilization


Meeting environmental and industrial regulations

Solutions for Water & Wastewater

Analytical measurement: pH, turbidity, and DO (also fluoride, manganese, and sludge consistency); Coatings for concrete and metal protection from corrosion and erosion; Specialized pump coatings; Pump control, MCC, and VFD panels; Mechanical seals; Solids handling pumps; Third-party calibration verification; more

Flow Control Supplier Specs

FCX Performance is a leading process flow control company, providing technical, mission-critical products and services to end users, OEMs, and EPC firms across industries and markets. As the premier distributor of highly engineered specialty flow control products and life cycle services, FCX helps companies improve productivity and efficiency, reduce costs and downtime, and meet regulatory compliance standards. 

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