Milliken is a leading provider of insights and innovations in the health and wellness industry. They develop a wide range of products that protect first responders, help wounds heal faster, protect food and make environments healthier. Milliken has a global presence and is dedicated to making a positive impact on the world.

Milliken was facing a challenge in managing their supply chain due to change management, manual work, and wasted resources. They needed to overcome these obstacles to optimize their supply chain and ensure efficient procurement processes.

To overcome these challenges, Milliken partnered with Procure Analytics (PA) to streamline their procurement process. PA went local and built rapport with Milliken employees to understand their needs. PA showed a proof of concept by installing vending machines and demonstrated the potential savings that could be achieved through the PA program.

Since 2020, PA has saved Milliken $830,000 in MRO spending. 78% of Milliken’s MRO purchasing now goes through the PA program, resulting in streamlined processes and saved resources.

Milliken’s collaboration with Procure Analytics was a resounding success. The company faced several challenges in their procurement processes, including manual work, change management issues, and wasted resources. However, by partnering with PA and implementing strategies such as local rapport building, proof of concept demonstrations, and the installation of vending machines, Milliken was able to streamline their procurement processes and realize significant savings.

As a result, PA saved Milliken $830,000 since 2020, and 78% of MRO purchasing now goes through the PA program. This case study highlights the impact that strategic partnerships and innovative thinking can have in optimizing procurement processes and driving financial success.


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