A prominent refractory company based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. They have partnered with companies to provide solutions in virtually every industry that requires refractories. The company has 10 US locations and has been a member of Procure Analytics since 2019.


The company faced two primary challenges:

  • Severe Shortage of PPE: As the pandemic unfolded, the global demand for PPE surged with essential businesses only granted access to masks, gloves, etc. The shortage left them vulnerable to injury and health and safety concerns.
  • Risk of Plant Shutdown: The shortage of PPE threatened to halt the company’s production entirely. The lack of PPE would have compelled them to consider shutting down their manufacturing plants to ensure employee safety, as per health and safety regulations and guidelines.


Procure Analytic’s strategic approach for this member included:

  • One-Stop Shop Solution: Recognizing the importance of simplifying the complex procurement landscape during a crisis, a supplier offered a comprehensive range of products and services, including PPE, industrial supplies, and equipment. This approach streamlined the procurement process, eliminating the need to coordinate with multiple suppliers and enhancing efficiency.
  • Robust Reporting Capabilities: Procure Analytics’ reporting tools provided valuable insights into their procurement trends, expenditure patterns and potential areas for cost savings.
  • Dedicated Account Manager: To ensure a seamless and responsive experience, Procure Analytics assigned a dedicated account manager who serves as the single point of contact.


The company’s strategic approach to optimizing MRO spend has yielded impressive results. Through their efforts to standardize procurement, they have continue to see savings of 12% on average.

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