The member is a reputable construction company specializing in the home improvement sector. With a strong market presence, they offer a diverse range of services aimed at enhancing residential properties including windows, doors, baths, showers, and other remodeling projects. 


The member had several challenges when they approached Procure Analytics about a solution to address their complex MRO category spend: 

  • They needed access to competitive pricing at a national level with easy access to their spend data. 
  • They needed a solution for asset management for power tools being utilized by their employees.


Through its MRO program, Procure Analytics implemented a solution that addressed both challenges:

  • First, the member affiliated to Procure Analytics’ Fastenal Program, which gave them access to national contract pricing and dedicated support at both the local and national level
  • Second, Procure Analytics rolled out a vending / locker solution to help with asset management and consolidated down to one manufacturer on power tools


The combination of moving the member to Fastenal as their supplier and the locker solution for asset management helped the member achieve 12% savings immediately following program implementation.

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